• Gulf of Mexico Energy at Risk

    American energy production and the immense value it brings consumers is under assault again. Following the recent decision to take Atlantic offshore development off the table – despite support from all four governors, numerous state legislators and other elected officials, the vast majority of voters and poll after poll, as well as continued obstacles to energy […]

  • Tell Bay State Leaders to bring down our electricity bills!

    Electricity prices in Massachusetts are straining the budgets of consumers, low- and fixed-income families and businesses. Federal statistics show that New England consumers have the highest electric rates of anywhere in the continental U.S., and in April, the Boston area paid 53 percent more for electricity than the national average. Without upgrading pipeline capacity, experts predict that […]

  • Keep Western Energy Strong!

    Tell the BLM to shelve its new energy rule.

    New BLM rules would kill energy production in western states, damage local economies, and hurt our future energy security! The rule would impose millions of dollars in new costs for energy companies already struggling with low oil and natural gas prices. The result? Thousands of wells will be “shut-in” resulting in more layoffs, lower tax receipts […]

  • Its a Critical Time for America’s Offshore Energy Future

    America’s offshore energy future is in peril! Anti-energy extremists convinced the Obama Administration to ignore public opinion and remove the Atlantic from future oil and natural gas leasing!  Now they’re turning their efforts to the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.  We need your help to tell the federal government to support Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and Atlantic offshore […]

  • Florida has the opportunity to produce its OWN energy resources

    But it will take support from citizens like YOU! If you live in the area, please attend a public meeting to support the exploration for oil and natural gas resources using seismic analysis. The analysis will help to determine if Florida is blessed with abundant energy resources like so many other states are! The meeting […]

  • The Stillwater Energy Ban

    The City of Stillwater, Oklahoma is currently considering a dramatic proposal that will effectively ban new energy operations and threatens future economic development. The heavy-handed proposal to impose a “2200 foot set-back” on drilling is like taking a 349 acre chunk of land around every current and future oil and gas well in the city and putting it off […]

  • Help Support Alaskan Offshore Energy Production

    Join Fellow Alaskans to Support Offshore Energy: Alaska’s energy future is NOW. Leaders in Washington, DC are on the verge of making critical decisions that will determine whether we can develop Alaskan offshore resources. It’s time they hear what real Alaskans think. Join the voices of hundreds of Alaskan companies, organizations, elected officials and individuals […]

  • Alaskans Face Tax Increase

    Alaska’s contribution to the nation’s energy supply has been in decline since the 1980’s. While the resource is there to stem the decline, and perhaps even reverse the trend, our investment climate has not been friendly to attract the major investment dollars needed to do so. After extensive review, analysis, and research, Governor Parnell and […]