As a resurgent manufacturing hub and new energy producing region, the Mid-Atlantic is a key chapter for CEA. We work to get consumers, manufacturing interests, labor, and small businesses engaged in the ever-growing discussion on energy in states like Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia.

CEA works to provide education and outreach on fracking, pipeline construction, offshore energy exploration, renewable energy and utility rates. As the region becomes a larger hub for energy production, CEA is positioned to lead the discussion on the importance of building out the region’s pipeline infrastructure to make the best use of the energy it produces.

CEA is also focused on ensuring consumers can continue to reap the benefits of lower home heating costs as a benefit of new natural gas production and that the coming Clean Power Plan regulations are implemented in a way that will limit the impacts to consumers.

  • Pennsylvania Families and Businesses Need Your Help!

    Pennsylvania families and businesses need your help! We all need energy to meet our most basic needs – from heating and cooling to simply turning on the lights.  To do this, we must have the safe, reliable infrastructure to bring energy to our homes and offices. The Atlantic Sunrise Expansion Project is a perfect example […]

  • Why It’s Essential That PA Build Mariner East 2

    Mike Butler, Executive Director of CEA-MidAtlantic recently penned an op-ed on the importance of Mariner East 2 for energy consumers. Investing in our energy infrastructure, alleviating our bottlenecked pipeline system, helping lower our electric rates and continuing our strong record of environmental progress is a winning combination, for everyone – most of all, local businesses […]

  • CEA Applauds PA Approving Mariner East 2 Pipeline Permits

    PITTSBURGH – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) Mid-Atlantic Executive Director Mike Butler today released the following statement after the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection granted the final two permits needed to build the Mariner East 2 pipeline project: “We applaud the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) approval of the remaining permits needed to begin construction on […]

  • Pipeline Buildout a Must for PA. Agriculture

    CEA’s Michael Butler discusses the importance of pipelines to Pennsylvania’s farmers. Some energy costs are easy to point out, like the diesel fuel needed to run tractors, combines and other implements. Others are not, like the expenses incurred for farmers who use irrigation systems, which run the pumps that move water into fields. This, the EIA notes, […]

  • New CEA Report Warns: No Shale Gas Pipelines, No Electricity

    CEA’s most recent pipeline infrastructure report was featured in Marcellus Drilling News. Earlier this week the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) released a disturbing report on the U.S. oil and gas pipeline network and its relationship to our growing domestic energy needs. Read more – Marcellus Drilling News

  • Without More Pipelines, Scary Economic Scenarios Become Real

    CEA’s David Holt was featured in Real Clear Energy discussing how pipelines contribute to ensuring financial stability for families. Energy costs are “affordable” up until a certain point. That tipping point, experts agree, is when costs exceed 6 percent of a household’s income. Despite the occasional moans and groans when paying the utility bill, like […]

  • CEA Issues Statement on Denial of Pending Seismic Applications

    North American Clean Energy covered CEA’s statement on denial of permits to conduct needed scientific discovery off the Atlantic. BOEM cited potential environmental risks to marine life. Yet, as BOEM itself has previously acknowledged, these surveys have been conducted for decades without any evidence of adverse impacts on marine animal populations or coastal communities. Furthermore, academic […]

  • Obama Puts US Arctic, Atlantic OCS Off-limits to Oil, Gas Activity

    CEA President David Holt discussed the recent administrative actions prohibiting energy exploration with the PanAtlantic Journal. U.S. President Barack Obama closed 3.8 million acres off the U.S. North and Mid-Atlantic coasts, and 115 million acres in the U.S. Arctic Ocean, to future oil and gas activity. The president made his Arctic move in coordination with […]

  • Carbon Emissions Down to Lowest Levels in 25 Years – Thanks to the Energy Revolution

    Concerned about air emissions? Here’s some good news – emissions in the United States are dropping and have been dropping due to the increased use of natural gas. In fact, U.S. carbon emissions are on track to be the lowest in almost 25 years. The federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported in October that carbon […]