If you think you could live without oil and natural gas, your next happy hour is going to be a lot less happy.


From the heat that roasts the barley, to the electricity that powers the bottling equipment, to the gas required by beer trucks, oil and natural gas are a vital ingredient in the production of Colorado’s most popular beverages.

Hey Colorado, those oil and natural gas opponents are full of fertilizer.

Anyone who thinks life would be better without oil and natural gas needs to consider that a majority of Colorado farmers depend on fertilizer made from natural gas to grow their crops.


It's Not Just Kids Who Are Absent. It's $422 Million.

When you support the Colorado energy industry, you help keep kids in school.

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Share the value of oil & natural gas

Oil and natural gas do more than power, they empower

Americans are living healthier and more rewarding lives than ever before. Thanks in part to oil and natural gas. Without them we wouldn’t have the microchips that store vital patient data, the plastic for life-saving equipment, or the technology for life-changing modern prosthetics.

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Guess what fuels the fun at Colorado's ski resorts?

From the durable, waterproof fibers in sportswear, to the stuff that makes snowboards flexible, to the energy required to power chairlifts, oil and gas are very much a part of the active lifestyle Coloradans love so much.

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CEA “Know the Value” Campaign - About

Energy is a critical ingredient for a robust economy and makes just about everything that touches our lives on a daily basis possible. Energy is in action everywhere – from illuminating, heating and cooling our homes to producing the clothes that we wear, the medication we take and the food we eat.

An educated consumer who “Knows the Value” is essential to a rational discussion on energy production and the more informed Coloradans who engage in the ongoing dialogue, the better.