• affordable energy

    Poll Finds Northeasterners Strongly Support Expanding Pipelines and Related Energy Infrastructure to Ensure Stable, Affordable Supplies

    Results show that candidates' position on energy issues, infrastructure and development will play a significant role in upcoming elections

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – An overwhelming majority of voters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York support energy delivery of transportation fuels and the use of natural gas infrastructure – including the approval and construction of more pipelines in the region, according to a new poll from Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA). Among the most important of […]

  • energy efficiency

    Top Five Stories in Energy This Week

    In case you missed it, here were the top five energy stories that we read this week. U.S. Gas Prices Fall on Year-Over-Year Basis Just a couple of weeks before the Fourth of July celebration, average gas prices across the United States fell to levels lower than the previous year. On June 11, the national […]

  • Large Scale Solar

    Poll: Maine Voters Support Solar Energy, But Deeply Concerned About Affordable Energy and See Lowering Costs as Top Priority

    Findings Highlight that Residents of Maine Support Pro-Solar, Pro-Grid and Pro-Consumer Policies

    AUGUSTA, MAINE — Recent polling conducted for Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) examined how Maine voters feel about solar power, including concerns about the availability of affordable energy and the importance of lowering costs as a top priority for the state. Accordingly, the poll also asked voters about their feelings on rooftop solar, large-scale solar facilities, […]

  • Top Five Stories in Energy This Week

    U.S. Government Plans Major Changes to Energy Management (via The Hill) Under the administration of former President Barack Obama, energy research and policy was mostly under the purview of the Environmental Protection Agency while the Department of Energy handled administrative matters. The Trump administration is changing the status quo so that that Energy Secretary Rick Perry, […]

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    U.S. Energy Production and Gas Prices

    Friday kicks off the unofficial summer travel season, and according to AAA, more American’s will hit the road this weekend than we have seen since 2005 – over 39.3 million. Unlike in typical years, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) has been tracking a decrease in gasoline prices as the weekend approaches.  Nationally, energy consumers have […]

  • Poll Finds Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina Voters Support Atlantic Coast Pipeline, More Energy Development and Infrastructure

    Results show that candidates' position on energy infrastructure and development will play a pivotal role in the 2018 midterm elections

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – A majority of voters in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina support the expansion of domestic energy production and infrastructure – including the approval and construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a new poll from Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) reveals. Sixty percent of the voters surveyed by CEA in West Virginia, where […]

  • Top Five Stories in Energy This Week

    Trump’s Visit to Saudi Arabia Will Feature Energy Deals (via Houston Chronicle) The first trip abroad by the embattled U.S. President will coincide with a conference between American and Saudi Arabian energy executives in Riyadh. Aramco, the global oil giant owned by the Saudi Kingdom, will ratify existing agreements with oil services companies based in Houston […]

  • port-infrastructure

    Ports: Important National Infrastructure Assets

    Along with individuals, households, and families, energy consumers are also businesses and organizations across the country working to supply everyday Americans with products and services they use throughout the day. From factory floors to docks at ports across America, energy moves our way of life. It’s the demand for this energy that is so important […]

  • pipeline-infrastructure

    The Importance of Pipeline Infrastructure

    It's National Infrastructure Week - What do you know about our nation's infrastructure?

    Pipeline infrastructure is extremely important to help our country function. In fact, there are roughly 2.4 million miles of pipe in this vast transportation system. Last year alone, American’s consumed 29 percent of natural gas and 40 percent of oil as part of our total energy consumption. As energy demand is on the rise, more […]

  • An Essential Oil for Relaxing at Home

    After a long day or even a long week, most of us like to head home, make or take out a good meal, before wrapping up in a nice fleece blanket and getting cozy on the couch to watch a favorite show or a new movie. Sounds heavenly, right?! What you might not even realize […]