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Happy World Emoji Day! 🤗 🎉 It’s update time across platforms so you can enjoy those new emojis coming out from Google and Apple. While you wait for the download to perform, check out the closest-ever photos of the sun that were just unveiled. That’s right, NASA and the European Space Agency released the first data from the joint Solar Orbiter mission on its 65 million-mile journey to the sun. In other news, Americans won’t be seeing Prime Day from Amazon this month, but there is Black Friday in July to help those that may be in need of some retail therapy. Speaking of quarantine, after more states re-evaluate their re-opening policies, you might need another round of entertainment, and if you are like us and aren’t sure what movies to watch, books to read or music to listen to after being quarantined for months already, here are 100 favorites that might inspire you! Speaking of inspiration, we want to inspire you to learn more about energy. With that, here is some energy news to get you ready for the weekend. As always, if you missed last week’s list you can find it here.

1Burgers and fries with a side of renewable energy

A remodeled McDonald’s near Disney will have new renewable energy features like solar panels. Orlando Sentinel highlights how it will aim to generate all of its own energy on-site, including solar panels for parking lot lights as well as more than 1,060 panels on its roof.

2Instead of “supersized” meals, how about supersized wind turbines?

A new study published by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has shown that “supersized wind turbines” can potentially enhance the value of wind energy. Renew Economy discusses how a broader set of factors could impact the value of wind energy to the electricity grid.

The Army Is building an anti-gravity, water-purifying solar panel

Scientists from the University of Rochester and the U.S. Army have worked together on a new solar water-purifying technology, where an aluminum panel works against gravity by drawing water up through a microcapillary system. Popular Mechanic breaks down how the panel can be used to catch the most sun anywhere in the world.

3American companies are racing to the garbage dump…for hydrogen fuel

In the race to commercialize technology that can turn waste into hydrogen fuel, companies are now looking at using the world’s trash as the raw feedstock to produce hydrogen. Wired shines a light on how this fuel of the future could power our homes, planes, cars, and more.

4West Texas has a new solar project

A solar developer and electric power company began commercial operations of a 280-megawatt solar project in Nolan County, about 50 miles west of Abilene. The Houston Chronicle reports on how this 1,300-acre site can provide enough power for 40,000 homes.