About Consumer Energy Alliance

Consumer Energy Alliance is the leading voice for sensible energy and environmental policies for consumers, bringing together families, farmers, small businesses, distributors, producers and manufacturers to support America’s environmentally sustainable energy future. With members nationwide, we are committed to leading the nation’s dialogue around energy, the environment, energy’s critical role in the economy, and how it supports the vital supply chains for families and businesses that depend on them. CEA works daily to encourage communities across the nation to seek sensible, realistic and environmentally responsible solutions to meet our nation’s energy needs. By advocating for energy justice and sensible energy solutions, we hope to ensure that people who need affordable energy the most can have access to it.

CEA works to help provide an understanding of what policies mean and what they could do to energy prices, availability and environmental impacts.

As an organization that advocates for all types of energy resources across the country, CEA continues to stand by its commitment to ensuring families – especially low-income individuals, those on fixed incomes or living paycheck-to-paycheck – and businesses trying to meet budgets and payrolls are able to access the energy they need.

If the noise out there is starting to become deafening and you are looking for answers to questions about energy, join us as we advocate for sensible energy and environmental solutions.


With more than 350 member companies and more than 550,000 individuals as part of our nationwide network, our mission is to help ensure American families and businesses have access to reliable, affordable, and environmentally sound resources.

We believe in an environmentally sustainable energy future that includes both traditional and renewable resources that create the best energy mix to meet the needs of our nation’s families and businesses, environment, and economy.

Here’s how we get there:

  1. Energy Justice
    Energy justice refers to the goal of achieving social and economic equity in our energy system, while also remediating social, economic, and health burdens on those disproportionately harmed by unaffordable or unreliable energy. Like food, clothing, and shelter, energy is an essential necessity for every person. Unnecessarily increasing energy prices disproportionately affect the poorest among us. If we are to achieve the goals of equity and accessibility for everyone, we must recognize the impacts on all sides and deliver clean and affordable energy to all Americans.
  2. Environmental Stewardship
    We can and must have both energy development and environmental stewardship. We have seen how increasing U.S. energy supplies have helped drive down consumer costs and lowered our emissions footprint simultaneously. It’s time to support U.S. energy in all forms so we can continue to meet our climate expectations, achieve net-zero, and maintain our energy independence. We know the environment impacts our whole world, and we must recognize that U.S. energy and environmental leadership and the progress we have made can help accelerate global environmental improvement.
  3. Strong Supply Chains
    The recent COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the critical importance of understanding energy’s impacts throughout the global supply chain, from access to manufacturing and everything in between. It is vital to American families and businesses that our country rebuild independence within our own supply chain, to lessen reliance on other nations. Having access to a diverse and abundant domestic energy supply is the single most important aspect of reinvigorating these critical U.S. supply chains.

Sustaining Our Shared Environment

Since its founding in 2006, Consumer Energy Alliance has strongly supported actions that thoughtfully advance our nation towards a cleaner, more environmentally responsible energy future, including emissions reductions that help meet our nation’s climate goals. We believe that responsible policies should always consider the needs of consumers while leveraging and supporting the development of state-of-the-art technologies to improve our environmental stewardship, aiding in the continued reductions of all emissions – including smog-forming and greenhouse gas emissions.

CEA has and will always support rigorous environmental protection standards and regulations that work for all Americans, especially the millions of unemployed and underemployed, as well as those who are on fixed incomes or living paycheck to paycheck. Access to energy and a cleaner environment should be a universal right. CEA supports all efforts that work to keep energy affordable and available to everyone, not just a few.

CEA believes it is not a question of when we evolve to new forms of energy, but rather how that evolution happens and how it helps create maximum benefits to communities across the country. Our nation has shown the world through innovation and ingenuity that it is possible to have both energy development and environmental stewardship that creates a real path toward net-zero by 2050.

Through U.S. leadership, we are witnessing how it is possible to increase U.S. energy supplies to drive down consumer costs while developing technological innovations, energy diversity, and improved energy efficiencies that can lead the world in enhanced environmental protections. They will also help reduce emissions and achieve the goals set forth to meet our global climate challenges by assisting other nations to become greater contributors to the global effort to lower emissions.


Since 2006, CEA has been bringing together families, farmers, small businesses, distributors, producers, and manufacturers to support America’s cleaner energy future and to find sensible solutions to our country’s energy and environmental needs using our country’s available resources.

Over this time, we have helped advance the needs of individuals, families, and businesses, both large and small who’s voices have been forgotten in the energy and environment debate, mostly those who can least afford to pay more for energy, but others who are struggling to meet budgets and keep their doors open.

That’s why CEA works daily to encourage communities across the nation to seek sensible, realistic, and environmentally responsible solutions to meet our nation’s energy needs.

Join us as we seek to help our neighbors, communities, and policymakers learn more about all of the forms of energy we use across the nation, and how sensible policies and thoughtful solutions can help us continue to develop our energy while we continue to advance our environmental, conservation and efficiency goals.