About Consumer Energy Alliance

For more than 14 years, Consumer Energy Alliance has worked alongside dedicated citizens and community leaders nationwide, advocating for sensible energy policies for all consumers, such as families and small businesses, by providing sound, unbiased information on energy issues.

During this time we have helped advance the needs of individuals, families, and businesses, both large and small who have been forgotten in the energy debate, mostly those who can least afford to pay more for energy, but others who are struggling to meet budgets and keep their doors open.

Our individual members make up our friends and neighbors who, each and every day, are trying to make a living and contribute to society. Our organizational members also include a collection of companies from across the U.S. that not only employ people, grow and raise the food we eat, but they also produce and sell the goods that all American’s use and rely on daily. They are farmers, academia, conservation groups, truck drivers, laborers, trades-people, energy producers, manufacturers, and small business owners.

As an organization advocating for all types of energy consumers across this nation, CEA continues to stand by its commitment to ensuring families – especially low-income individuals and those on fixed incomes or living paycheck-to-paycheck – and businesses trying to meet budgets and payrolls are able to access the energy they need.

CEA and our diverse Board of Directors hope you’ll join us as we seek to help people and our policymakers learn more about all of the forms of energy we use in cities and states across the nation, and how sensible policies and thoughtful solutions can help us continue to develop our energy while we meet our environmental, conservation and efficiency goals.