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Linemen Working on Transformer

Support Solidifies for Wisconsin Power Line Construction Bill

Chris Ventura, CEA Midwest Executive Director spoke with Daily Energy Insider on the necessity to ensure electric transmission infrastructure can be built on time and...
Ice on electric lines

David Holt on Optimal Blend of Energy Sources, Grid Reliability

CEA President, David Holt, joined Ross Kaminsky to talk about energy sources and grid reliability. Listen here - KOA AM 850
Down power lines after storm

Experts Say Cold Could Expose Energy Grid Risks

Families and businesses are at an increasing risk of seeing electricity reliability issues this winter.  CEA President David Holt examines some of the reasons...
Mother and Son Cooking

Price of Thanksgiving Staples Continue to Rise Due to High Energy Costs

As families prepare for Thanksgiving, food inflation continues to be a burden.  CEA's David Holt talks about the link between energy costs and what...
Woman Looking At Her Computer

Biden’s Latest Energy Move Means Higher Prices for New England, Experts Say

With persistent, historically high energy prices continuing to be a drag on family budgets and the economy, CEA's David Holt discusses how sensible energy...
Wind turbine with workers

Tradeswork: The Rocky Mountain MCA Podcast

CEA's Emily Haggstrom had the opportunity to sit down with Tradeswork: The Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association Podcast to talk about training the next generation...
Solar Panel Installation

Dancing in the Dark: Solar Energy Can’t Meet Demand

CEA President David Holt joined KTRH to discuss the challenges of integrating intermittent energy resources onto the grid, and how we can alleviate these...
Cars in Traffic

The Dems Can’t Take Your Car, So They Aim to Take Your Tires

CEA President David Holt joined KTRH to discuss recent attempts to limit consumer choice in the automotive marketplace by banning cars and trucks powered...
EV Charging Station

Is Delaware Really Ready for the Cost of Electric Vehicles. Let’s Be Honest: No

With Delaware seeking to emulate California by banning gas and diesel powered trucks and cars, CEA's Mike Butler looks at whether the state is...
College students working

Energy Forward Project Takes Politics Out of Renewables Discussion

CEA's Mike Butler talks about the need to depoliticize energy and environmental policymaking in Delaware by arming the public with unbiased information. Unlike New York...