As of yesterday, the U.S. reported more Covid-19 cases, which broke the daily count for the nation, causing the federal government to ask Americans to remain home for Thanksgiving. In addition to grounding many Americans this holiday, Covid-19 effects may also cause Joe Biden’s foreign policy to impact energy companies more than domestic policy.

Analysts are keeping an eye on potentially warmer-than-average winter temperatures, which could soften natural gas demand and leave the U.S. gas market oversupplied. Similarly, oil storage levels in key parts of the U.S. are close to maxing out as supply continues to outpace demand because of coronavirus restrictions affecting demand for crude oil.

And for anyone looking for areas of energy policy continuity during these divided times, President-elect Joe Biden has signaled that he will embrace nuclear power and will look to build upon the Trump administration’s support for new smaller forms of the technology.

Remember to be thankful for energy next week and check out these tips to help avoid higher energy bills during the holiday. In the meantime, here are our five favorite stories to help you start your weekend!

5Lightweight solar panels available in U.S. to power trucking

News came out this week that commercial-ready and scalable solar panels will be available in North America. Fleet Owner describes how solar panels generate energy from every angle of the sun and can supply energy to on-board electronics and refrigeration unit motors.

4Recycling wind turbine blades

Researchers have found that a new material for wind blades could be recycled and help transform the wind industry. Science Daily shares how renewable energy can be more sustainable with recycling, while lowering costs in the process.

2Helping union members get into the U.S. offshore wind sector

The world’s biggest offshore wind developer reached a deal with the building trades on bringing union members into the U.S. offshore wind sector. The Maritime Executive reports on the agreement and how the partnership will help move forward the pipeline of wind projects up and down the East Coast.

1Putting a nuclear power plant on the moon?

NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy is looking at how to build nuclear power plants on the moon and Mars to support its long-term exploration plans. CNBC answers why this is needed and what the timing could be.