Washington, D.C. Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading voice for responsible energy and environmental policies for families and businesses, today applauded U.S. Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall for filing a brief offering the Justice Department’s views on PennEast’s right-of-way case, which included a recommendation to overturn a decision made by the Third Circuit U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

CEA previously submitted a “friend of the court” amicus brief on behalf of the PennEast project and expressed concern that an earlier decision made by the Third Circuit U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals would create new precedents to block energy infrastructure projects and threaten the future of America’s energy reliability and supply. CEA also is concerned this action could increase costs of energy for consumers across the Northeast and create significant economic hardship – causing disproportionate harm to those on low and fixed incomes, as well as individuals, families and businesses with thin margins.

Following today’s action, CEA President David Holt said:

“On behalf of working families, seniors and small businesses across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, we are very encouraged by the Solicitor’s commonsense recommendation to review and overturn the Third Circuit’s decision. This is a significant step for due process and making sure there is a full hearing at the Supreme Court on the importance of this project for consumers across New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as stopping new and arbitrary delays by state agencies that oppose critical infrastructure projects on ideological or political grounds.”

“We appreciate the Solicitor General’s recommendation and believe the issues raised must be heard to ensure we have the vital energy supplies we need to protect our nation’s reliability and security, as well as to revive our economy and help reduce costs for our hard-hit communities faced with mounting bills, rising unemployment and hardship.”

“It’s time to put aside the procedural roadblocks and needless delays during this time of increased economic turmoil. Let’s say yes to environmentally responsible energy infrastructure for getting energy to consumers to power and heat their homes, save money and help to get our skilled tradespeople back to work during these times of economic hardship.”