CEA Staff


David Holt

Andrew Browning
Chief Operating Officer

Kaitlin Hammons
Vice President

Marc Brown
Vice President, State Affairs

Kevin Doyle
Vice President, State Affairs

Ryan Scott
Vice President, Renewables and Sustainability

Emily Haggstrom
Vice President, Communications and Creative Development

Bryson Hull
Vice President, Media and Strategic Communications

Rachel Edwards
Director, Media and Public Relations

Jaycob Garcia
Manager, Communications and Advocacy

Regional Directors

Kevin Doyle
Executive Director – Southeast

Kaitlin Hammons
Executive Director – Gulf Coast

Shawn Waldron
Deputy Director – Gulf Coast

Mike Butler
Executive Director – Mid-Atlantic

Chris Ventura
Executive Director – Midwest

Wendy Hijos
Deputy Director – Northeast; Director – New York

Marc Brown
Executive Director – Northeast

Matt Gonzales
Executive Director – Southwest

Emily Haggstrom
Executive Director – Rockies

Meghan Thacker