Tell Richmond - We Can't Afford Higher Energy Prices!

If you’ve been struggling to maintain a budget over the last year because of inflation – you’re not alone.

Right now, 8 in 10 workers live paycheck-to-paycheck – especially hourly and minimum wage employees – and if the General Assembly passes their natural gas ban it will make it harder for Virginians to make ends meet!

That’s because if their electrification mandate passes, each Virginia household could have to pay more than $27,000 to switch out major appliances and other forms of home heating!

If politicians in Richmond have their way, switching to electricity could be a huge expense for you and other Virginians if they pass their electrification mandate!

It’s time to tell the General Assembly: now is not the time to increase energy costs for our families. Support House Bill 1783.

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Virginians Deserve a Choice and an Explanation

Virginia is home to more than 8.6 million residents. It boasts a diverse economy comprised of more than 780,000 small businesses and prominent industries like agriculture, information technology, manufacturing, and more. With an increasing population and several industries that generate hundreds of thousands of jobs, a common need and stabilizing force that ensures homes, businesses, and livelihoods can operate without interruption is affordable energy – more specifically, natural gas.

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