The following op-ed from David Holt, President of Consumer Energy Alliance, appeared on the National Journal website here, in response to the discussion question “What ‘back burner’ issues need attention?”

August 24, 2009   There are indeed critical issues being overlooked in the current energy discussion. By focusing so much attention on the climate change component of energy policy, issues like jobs, energy prices, and the development of the full spectrum of energy resources available to us are being overlooked to the detriment of our economy. What we need is a comprehensive, balanced and long term approach to energy policy – one that looks at ways to not only to control climate change, but also to lower prices, create jobs and build the US economy.

The fact of the matter is that for decades to come our global economy will rely on oil and natural gas for the vast majority of our energy needs, while we continue to work towards developing a diverse energy portfolio that includes wind hydro and nuclear (among others). To get there from here, we need to focus on a sensible and balanced US energy policy that includes provisions for access to our offshore and onshore oil and gas supplies. Failure to do so is costing this country millions of jobs and putting us as significant competitive disadvantage relative to other countries that more effectively utilize their natural resources.