Royal Dutch Shell CEO Peter Voser was singing CEA’s tune in a speech given in Boston on Thursday when he called for the United States to make investments in a broad array of new energy sources, using our four favorite term to describe energy policy: “All of the above.”

Boston Globe:

“Our energy consumption is on a scale so massive and demand is growing so quickly that we will need to aggressively pursue all sources of energy for decades to come just to keep up,” said Voser, whose company has 20,000 US employees. “When your President Obama says America’s energy policy should be all of the above he is absolutely right, in our opinion.”

Voser said Natural Gas is a “backbone fuel” in making his case.

“The world needs to follow America’s lead and take full advantage of the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, and that’s natural gas..increased use of natural gas is the biggest single step that the world can take today to begin reducing” carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to global warming and climate change….Gas is the natural ally of renewables like wind and solar,…Wind and solar are intermittent energy sources [but] natural gas can keep the electricity flowing when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind fails to blow. Unlike many other energy sources, gas can be switched off and on quickly, and its global supply is increasingly diverse, which enhances energy security.”