Energy Consumer Advocate Urges Similar Steps for Oil and Natural Gas Exploration

Houston, TX – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased with the Department of the Interior’s announcement of its intention to offer a lease for offshore wind production off the coast of Virginia this year.

“The offshore wind lease is a positive step in developing our substantial offshore wind resources,” said CEA President David Holt. “Diversifying our nation’s energy portfolio is an important part of increasing our energy security and reducing price volatility. The wind industry has proven its ability to supply large amounts of clean energy to American consumers onshore, and the proposed offshore lease is the next logical step in increasing our wind energy production.”

Holt also took the opportunity to call for additional leasing of oil and gas exploration and seismic surveys in the Mid Atlantic region.

“DOI should also push to offer leases for seismic exploration in the Mid Atlantic region as a precursor for offshore oil and gas exploration in the region,” he said. “Virginia and other states have repeatedly asked for the opportunity to explore for oil and gas off their coasts and federal regulators should allow for that exploration as part of the President’s commitment to an all-of-the-above approach.”