Houston, TX – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), an organization that advocates for energy consumers, today released 10 tips for energy consumers to save money on summer energy bills. Record high temperatures are expected from coast to coast in the coming months, likely requiring more days of air conditioning than last year and increased energy costs for consumers.

According to the federal government, the average U.S. residential electricity customer will spend 4.9% more this summer than during the same time last year, when average summer temperatures in the United States were lower than normal. Expenses for utilities are the highest during the summer months when air conditioning boosts electricity demand.

“Consumers shouldn’t have to sweat it out financially this summer from increased energy costs,” said CEA President David Holt. “By having a proper federal energy policy, American families would not have to continue facing increased fuel costs during the summer driving season and be pinched by cooling costs during a sweltering hot summer.”

Holt added: “For most American families, increased energy costs are no small matter because every dollar spent on energy is a dollar that is not being put towards savings, groceries, or this year’s family vacation. The good news is that there are simple, affordable steps that consumers can take to trim their energy costs. CEA looks forward working with all of its member companies from the energy and consuming sectors to help educate consumers on the daily actions they can take to save money on their summer energy bills.”

With America’s energy technology and diversity of resources, the U.S. remains in a time of energy abundance. However, energy prices are driven by increased demand so it is important that all available energy resources remain available to help avoid supply disruptions or unnecessary price increases.

To review CEA’s tips for beating the heat – and high energy costs – of summer, please visit http://theenergyvoice.com/energy-saving-tips/.