Winter Blizzard in the Northeast

BOSTON – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) President David Holt again urged New England policymakers to take action for working families, seniors and those living in poverty to ease energy bottlenecks and approve more pipeline infrastructure for the Northeast. Forecasters are predicting massive winter storms from Florida to Maine and compiled with the bitter cold, recent reports show, the grid is straining from tremendous demand and lack of infrastructure.

“We urge political leaders to exercise whatever authority they have to help families cope with continued electricity price spikes across New England and the Northeast,” Holt said. “The price for electricity in New England has increased over 600 percent since December 1st ($32/megawatt on Dec. 1 and $210/megawatt today) – something must be done now for those in need. This is a potential disaster for the working poor created by politicians who cared more about appeasing the unrealistic demands of anti-pipeline activists than dealing with realities of New England’s energy infrastructure problems.”

Holt added: “The repeated sober warnings of ISO – New England about the need for more pipeline capacity must be heard. For too long, many of New England’s political leaders played politics and relied on misguided claims from anti-energy activists. Now, the lack of political will is hurting families, seniors and the working poor who should remember who put them in this dire financial situation when they open up their power and heating bills – and when they enter the voting booth in November.”