Anti-Pipeline activist violence

David Holt, CEA’s President, addresses the recent increase in extremists attempting to sabotage or tamper with America’s energy infrastructure – and the real, deadly consequences that can result from their disregard for the environment and human life.

At the start of the month, four anti-development extremists were booked for breaking into a fenced area southeast of Grand Rapids, Minn., and attempting to shut off an oil pipeline.

Their reasoning, they said in a statement, was “to take personal responsibility for preventing the dangerous expansion of the oil industry, because governments and regulators have failed to do so.”

What was really dangerous were their actions, which put lives and the environment at risk under the alleged justification that it’s their “right” to speak out and dissent. Targeting critical infrastructure for destruction or industrial sabotage should not be masqueraded as acceptable behavior to express freedom of speech.

It’s flat-out terrorism.

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