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Richmond, VA  Virginia’s families, manufacturers and businesses saved more than $14.2 billion between 2008 and 2018 thanks to low-cost natural gas and expanded energy infrastructure, according to a new Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) report. Households saved over $4.7 billion, while commercial and industrial users saved more than $9.4 billion, according to the report, “Natural Gas, Fueling Life in Virginia.”

The report underscores how expanded energy infrastructure modernization and natural gas have created billions in energy savings and led to greater energy affordability and reliability for families and businesses – all while the state has achieved substantial emissions reductions. These timely system upgrades have been critical to help families weather the uncertainty and challenges posed by COVID-19, because reliable, modern natural gas systems have provided the energy needed for daily living and the small comforts that are easy to take for granted.

In Virginia, almost 60% of power generation relies on natural gas and a third of its households use natural gas for home heating. At a time when more Virginians are working and attending classes from their homes, these savings, and the assurance of affordable and reliable energy, are bringing relief to thousands of Virginians during the pandemic.

“This new report highlights the important role energy infrastructure has on the lives of everyone across Virginia, especially during these tough times,” CEA Vice President of State Affairs Brydon Ross said. “New and continual investments and system upgrades are critical to help fuel our economic development, and they are essential in ensuring affordable and reliable energy for all Virginians, especially for those who have previously been underserved and in need of natural gas.”

“As the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic continues globally, the need for affordable energy has never been more important. Energy powers every imaginable industry, supports our nation’s supply chains and is the most important ingredient for a robust American recovery.”

“That’s why our leaders must support U.S. energy in all forms while we continue to advance our world-leading environmental progress.”

Highlights from the report:

  • Virginia energy consumers saved more than $14.2 billion from 2008-18. Residential users alone saved more than $4.7 billion. Commercial and industrial users saved more than $9.4 billion.
  • Virginia households spent about $3,600 on energy in 2018. For those living at or below the poverty line, that translates to more than 28% of their income.
  • Natural gas fuels nearly 60% of Virginia’s power generation and heats a third of its households.
  • Virginia’s carbon dioxide emissions fell by almost 20% from 2003-18, even though natural gas usage for power generation surged tenfold – proving that affordable natural gas and expanded infrastructure improvements work well with environmental protection.
  • Investments can help underserved areas of the state like Hampton Roads, which needs more natural gas service. It also keeps costs low. Households with natural gas appliances spend nearly $900 less a year on average than those with electric appliances.
  • The nation’s pipeline network and Virginia’s infrastructure is safe and getting safer due to their operators’ continual investments to upgrade and modernize their networks. Over 99.999% of the energy delivered on these systems safely arrives at its destination each and every day.

To view the report, click here.