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Louisville, KYConsumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading energy and environmental advocate for families and businesses, testified at a Kentucky House Natural Resources and Energy Committee hearing on HB 207, which would protect the rights of consumers to keep their existing services that are allowed and regulated by the Kentucky Public Service Commission. Following the committee hearing, CEA Vice President of State Affairs Brydon Ross released the following statement:

“CEA is pleased to support HB 207 and thanks Chairman Jim Gooch and the committee for passing this important legislation that will protect our hard-working families, seniors and small businesses from ill-conceived and irresponsible prohibitions on the use of reliable, safe and clean fuels like natural gas in homes or communities.”

“Unfortunately, dozens of irresponsible local restrictions have been passed across the country that would deny homeowners and businesses from keeping the energy service they need and want to power their lives, heat their homes and run their operations. These all-or-nothing bans sabotage sound policies that are designed to ensure consumers can have energy that is affordable, reliable and meets ever-improving environmental standards.”

“Here in Kentucky, where over 40% of households use natural gas or propane for home heating needs, an energy ban could require the replacement of major appliances and the installation of a heat pump. Along with the equipment and other wiring and labor costs, that change could top out at more than $10,300 for an average Kentucky household. With Kentucky having one of the highest poverty rates in the country, a reckless energy prohibition could have a ruinous effect on the Commonwealth, and especially on those struggling to get by during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery.”

“It should be up to consumers to decide what types of appliances they want, not fringe activists. We urge Kentucky House members to consider this commonsense consumer protection measure to help get our Commonwealth to a cleaner future, and protect our families, seniors and businesses’ right to make their own energy choices, free from obtrusive dictates.”