Harvesting of soybean field in sunset

Earlier this week, Republicans and Democrats in Ohio’s State Senate came together to advocate for the safe, reliable operation of Line 5, citing CEA’s recent independent study on the impact a shutdown would have on Ohioans.

“The closure of Line 5 would devastate the lives of 1,200 plus employees who work at the PBF Energy Toledo Refining Co. and the BP-Husky Toledo Refinery – both Lucas County employers,” Sen. Gavarone said.


Citing a study by the Consumer Energy Alliance, she said, “Ohio could lose up to $13.7 billion in economic activity, $147.9 million in state revenue and over 20,000 jobs from the shutdown of the….pipeline.


“To be clear, I do not believe Gov. Whitmer’s original order was meant to unnecessarily harm anyone. But the reality is that the closure of Line 5 would affect a countless number of American and Canadian citizens.”

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