Right now, there is effectively a ban on new offshore oil and gas leasing in the United States, leading directly to higher gasoline and energy prices for families and small businesses in every city, county and state across America.

Truckers are paying more for diesel, leading to higher costs for clothing and other items. Farmers are paying more for fertilizer and fuel, leading to higher costs for food. Builders are paying more for lumber, leading to higher prices for homes. This record inflation isn’t just crippling people; it’s crippling our businesses too.

Small businesses and individuals on fixed and low incomes need affordable, reliable energy to make ends meet and support their families and employees. By developing our energy resources here at home, we can spur economic growth that will help our children and grandchildren.

In addition, offshore leasing in the United States is the lowest carbon offshore development globally, helping the U.S. continue its pursuit of a net-zero and diverse energy future. Our regulations also ensure there are decreased emissions out of the Gulf; if production in the Gulf stops, the U.S. will replace the oil it uses from the Gulf from areas with less stringent regulations and effectively increasing emissions worldwide – of which – we’re all a part of.

By developing energy here in America under our stringent regulatory standards, we will continue to help safeguard our environment and meet our country’s long-term energy needs.

Opening the Gulf and resuming offshore leasing for oil and natural gas can create 290,000 jobs, bringing in over $31.3 billion in Gross Domestic Product per year and $7 billion per year in projected government revenues between 2020 and 2040. Now that is actual economic output that can help relieve our families and businesses.

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