Seward Alaska

Alaska’s contribution to the nation’s energy supply has been in decline since the 1980’s. While the resource is there to stem the decline, and perhaps even reverse the trend, our investment climate has not been friendly to attract the major investment dollars needed to do so. After extensive review, analysis, and research, Governor Parnell and the Alaska Legislature passed SB 21 to reform our tax system to make it more competitive. There is an organized effort to reverse these reforms, increase taxes, and harm Alaska’s competitive position. This resolution allows entities and individuals to go on record supporting a competitive Alaska.

Please join the undersigned organizations to oppose the repeal of Senate Bill 21 by signing below. Print your own copy of the resolution here.

Joint Resolution Opposing Repeal of Senate Bill 21

Whereas, American energy consumers have a direct interest in obtaining competitively priced domestic energy; and

Whereas, Alaskans have a direct interest in robust economic activity to maintain livelihoods; and

Whereas, over 30% of working Alaskans are directly dependent upon oil and gas exploration and development for employment; and

Whereas, over 50% of working Alaskans are directly or indirectly dependent upon oil and gas exploration and development for employment; and

Whereas, Alaska oil production has declined from a peak of over 2 million barrels a day to a little over 500 thousand barrels, and is in free fall at the rate of 5 – 7% per year; and

Whereas, Alaska’s contribution to America’s energy supply and energy security will continue to decline without increased investment in energy production; and

Whereas, determining Alaska’s tax policy is a serious, time consuming and complicated undertaking best done by democratically elected representatives acting in the best interest of the State and its citizens; and

Whereas, the 28th Alaska Legislature spent thousands of hours in committee hearings and floor sessions reviewing, researching, analyzing, modifying, voting on, and passing SB 21 to remove disincentives to investment in Alaska; and

Whereas, legislative hearings demonstrated that SB 21’s removal of investment disincentives will result in more oil production, more revenue for the State of Alaska and more revenue for Alaska’s Permanent Fund; and

Whereas, repeal of SB 21 would result in massive tax increases, reduce Alaska’s global competitiveness, reduce Alaskan employment and income opportunities, reduce US energy production, increase dependence on foreign oil, reduce state revenue, and reduce permanent fund dividends, all of which will adversely affect Alaskans;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, and Let It Be Known, that the organizations and individuals signing below oppose repeal of SB 21 and encourage Alaska citizens to reject placing repeal of SB 21 on the ballot as a referendum.