HOUSTON – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome Shepherd Safety Systems as its newest affiliate member.

Shepherd Safety Systems is a safety products and service company devoted to protecting workers in all segments of the energy industry. Their patented Shepherd System combines on-site gas detection equipment with remote monitoring and notification capabilities to ensure the safety of workers from overexposure to gases such as hydrogen sulfide.

“Shepherd Safety is committed to delivering innovative technology to protect workers and promote the culture of safety within oil and gas operations,” said Shepherd Safety President John Dorff. “We are pleased to join CEA’s efforts to advance constructive dialogue and common-sense solutions for our industry and the communities we serve.”

“Shepherd Safety Systems is a prime example of how human ingenuity and innovation and 21st century technologies have combined to advance safety in the U.S. oil and gas sector,” said CEA Senior Policy Director Brent Greenfield. “Shepherd’s business underscores the critical point that energy development and safety and environmental protection is not an either-or choice — we can and do have both — and we are delighted to welcome them onboard as CEA’s newest affiliate.”

For more information on Shepherd Safety Systems, visit their website.