Row of solar panels on a solar farm

America needs clean, renewable solar energy to be a part of a balanced energy mix so all American homes, businesses, and communities may benefit.

Add your name to tell our elected officials solar power is a vital part of America’s energy future.

As American energy consumers, we call on policy makers to create policies that are pro-solar, pro-grid and pro-consumer.
Solar energy is now an option for more electricity consumers across America than ever before. To continue to increase access to solar energy, create jobs, and reduce emissions from electricity generation, we encourage policy makers to work together to:
  • Pursue policies that will bring the benefits of solar energy to all Americans at the lowest possible price;
  • Support the sustainable growth of solar energy by implementing net metering policies which pay residential solar PV users competitive rates for excess energy that they sell back to the grid; and
  • Ensure that electricity providers have the resources they need to maintain grid reliability.
By working towards these goals, federal and state regulators and legislators can promote responsible and sustainable growth in solar power, make sure that the grid is maintained and protected, and keep electricity costs low for all consumers.