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“It’s important that our state lawmakers continue to stay on course in regards to developing and implementing innovative energy policies that meet our needs – now and in the future – without breaking the bank for hard-working families and businesses. That’s why CEA’s Campaign for America’s Energy will spearhead the effort by reinforcing the importance of the unique opportunity our elected officials and community leaders have to reinforce how the state’s energy needs can be addressed with effective, reasoned solutions that also protect our environment.”

– Bryan Tolar, President Georgia Agribusiness Council

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Trump Scrambles Talking Points With Offshore Drilling Ban

Consumer Energy Alliance's David Holt recently spoke out against the moratorium on offshore energy exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and how it will...

Now’s Not the Time to Limit Gulf of Mexico Energy Opportunities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) President David Holt released the following statement expressing disappointment with the Trump Administration’s decision to extend a moratorium on energy...

Post-Pandemic, a Sustained, Essential Recovery Will Depend on Energy

As states across the country begin to reopen, legislatures are grappling with high unemployment and busted budgets.  CEA's David Holt examines the importance of...

Member Post: Fight Against COVID-19 Fueled by American Energy

Guest Contribution by Kurt Knaus, Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance American energy and the life-sustaining products it creates have never been more critical than they have...
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