Pro-Solar. Pro-Grid. Pro-Consumer.

Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) has long advocated for a national energy policy that focuses on creating a diverse portfolio of energy supplies, from wind to solar, to bio-fuels, petroleum, and clean-burning natural gas.

As a representative of energy consumers and end-users across the nation, CEA is proud to advocate for the utilization of solar energy resources that help meet energy demands, temper volatile energy prices, and ensure fair access to energy for all.

Indeed, CEA is proud to be:


Energy generated through the use of solar power has awesome potential.  Within the next 50 years, solar technology’s clean, affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly process  has the ability to become the power source that fuels America’s economy and our way of life — and it is not just a technology for the future. Today, solar is implemented and deployed to homes, businesses, factories, and a host of other structures. Now is the time to start experiencing the true benefits of this clean, reliable, and responsible technology and to make it available to all Americans.


America’s electric grid is one of the great engineering feats of our time.  It is a complex series of connections between various technologies and is vital to modern society.  The grid’s ability to transmit and distribute power to end-users across cities, counties, states, and the country is a monumental undertaking that requires significant investment to both build out and maintain.  Accordingly, CEA proudly advocates for proper investment and maintenance of the electric grid and for fair access to it for all Americans.


As the voice of the energy consumer, CEA’s primary objective is to ensure that consumers have access to affordable, reliable energy — both now and in the future.  By advocating for the energy consumer, CEA emphasizes energy’s role in the quality of life of individuals, families, and businesses.  Solar power has the remarkable potential to benefit every American by giving them clean, reliable, and affordable energy, both now and for generations to come.

The Solar Energy Futures initiative allows CEA to more fully aspire to these three hallmarks.  It will also allow consumers and stakeholders to advance and guide solar and electric policy that will create sustainable and renewable energy in a way that makes sense for all consumers.

With almost 300 affiliated organizations and hundreds of thousands of consumer-advocates, CEA’s mission is to expand the dialogue between the consumer and energy sectors to improve overall understanding of energy security and the thoughtful development and utilization of energy resources to help create sound energy policy and maintain stable energy prices for each consumer.

Pro-Solar. Pro-Grid. Pro-Consumer.