North Carolina

North Carolina is known for everything from quaint coastal cities to the breathtaking beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. You can’t go to the state without trying its famous vinegar-based barbecue with a side of sweet tea. The state has also made a name for itself in the solar industry. North Carolina ranks 2nd in the nation for producing the most solar energy. A leader in utility-scale solar, the future of clean energy is bright in the ‘Old North State.’ With an abundance of options for residents, North Carolina’s solar energy market is bringing affordable energy to the doorsteps of homes and businesses throughout the state.

Solar Energy News

Current and Recent Initiatives
  • New Solar Farms Opening in NC Later This Year
    Sunfarm V and VI are currently under construction in Hertford, North Carolina. Located on a total of 89 acres of land, once operational will be able to power the lives of 1,164 families. The farms are owned by ET Capital Solar Partner (USA) Inc. and will be selling the power produced by the PV panels to Richmond, VA based Dominion Energy.
  • North Carolina Governor Signs Solar Bill
    In 2017, NC Governor Roy Cooper signed HB 589, the Competitive Energy Solutions Plan, into law. The bill adds additional features to the state’s robust solar industry including a competitive bidding process for solar developers and a statewide rooftop solar leasing program. In addition, it creates the ‘Green Source Rider Program’, which allows large utility customers to offset their electricity usage with renewable energy.