• It’s Time to Upgrade Missouri’s Grid!

    Tell Your Legislator It’s Time to Upgrade Missouri’s Grid! Did you know Missouri’s electric utility laws are nearly 100 years old?  Our state’s aging electric infrastructure is also 50 to 60 years old and dated regulations won’t allow it to be upgraded for another 40 years! Even worse, Missouri’s ability to restore power after a […]

  • Voice Your Support for Louisiana Infrastructure Development

    Our personal and national security depend on the ability to build pipelines in Louisiana, and your voice needs to be heard. American families and small business need American-made energy to meet our most basic needs and keep our economy growing and moving. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline would connect our Louisiana refineries to fuel terminals across […]

  • U.S. Energy Exploration Threatened

    The Gulf of Mexico has been an energy and economic powerhouse, and its continued development is critical to meeting the essential energy needs of families, small businesses, and citizens throughout the country.  Anti-energy extremists are now determined to undermine the ability just to explore for these resources by pushing to add major restrictions on seismic […]

  • Help Secure America’s Offshore Energy Future

    America’s energy future is at stake – Sign Below! Anti-energy extremists convinced the Obama Administration to ignore public opinion and remove the Atlantic from the oil and natural gas leasing program!  Now they’re turning their efforts to removing the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska from that program, and calling on President Obama to take executive action […]

  • Voice Your Support for Solar Energy

    America needs clean, renewable solar energy to be a part of a balanced energy mix so all American homes, businesses, and communities may benefit. Add your name to tell our elected officials solar power is a vital part of America’s energy future. As American energy consumers, we call on policy makers to create policies that […]

  • Support Lower Energy Costs for New York Consumers

    Why does Gov. Coumo continue to stand in the way of progress and lower energy costs for New York families and small businesses? We need your help to take a stand against his anti-consumer policies by voicing your support for the New Market project to the DEC which will save New Yorkers almost $20 million […]

  • Gulf of Mexico Energy at Risk

    American energy production and the immense value it brings consumers is under assault again. Following the recent decision to take Atlantic offshore development off the table – despite support from all four governors, numerous state legislators and other elected officials, the vast majority of voters and poll after poll, as well as continued obstacles to energy […]

  • Tell Bay State Leaders to bring down our electricity bills!

    Electricity prices in Massachusetts are straining the budgets of consumers, low- and fixed-income families and businesses. Federal statistics show that New England consumers have the highest electric rates of anywhere in the continental U.S., and in April, the Boston area paid 53 percent more for electricity than the national average. Without upgrading pipeline capacity, experts predict that […]

  • Keep Western Energy Strong!

    Tell the BLM to shelve its new energy rule.

    New BLM rules would kill energy production in western states, damage local economies, and hurt our future energy security! The rule would impose millions of dollars in new costs for energy companies already struggling with low oil and natural gas prices. The result? Thousands of wells will be “shut-in” resulting in more layoffs, lower tax receipts […]