Oil pipeline in Alaska with mountain range

Stand Up for Alaska! As Alaskans, we know firsthand how important energy is to our families, communities, and businesses.Anchorage Alaska

After years of barriers, the federal government is taking steps to reopen Alaska for development on land and at sea – and it’s already paying off!

Just last week, the United States held its first successful lease sale in 20 years in the Cook Inlet.

Now, the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is  seeking public comments on a proposal to explore the Beaufort Sea for potential future energy production. It’s up to us to make sure BOEM approves this plan! 

With an estimated 8 billion barrels of oil and nearly 28 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, the Beaufort Sea is vital to the future of our families and businesses as well as critical infrastructure like the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

Tell Washington that you support Alaskan energy exploration and development.

William Ingersoll
Chief of Plans Section
U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Alaska OCS Region
3801 Centerpoint Drive
Suite 500
Anchorage, Alaska 99503-5823
RE: Eni US Operating Co. Inc. Initial Exploration Plan – Harrison Bay Block 6423 Unit – Proposed Drilling of Leases OCS-Y-1753, OCS-Y-1754, and OCS-Y-1757
Dear Mr. Ingersoll:
As a resident of Alaska, I am writing to demonstrate my strong support for oil and gas development in the Arctic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and to urge the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to approve Eni’s plan to explore its leases in the Beaufort Sea.
The federal government has estimated that resources in the Alaskan Arctic’s Beaufort and Chukchi Seas could surpass 42 billion barrels of oil equivalent. In addition to increasing our domestic supply of energy and safeguarding Alaska’s economy and future, development of these resources could have a significant positive impact throughout the country – creating tens of thousands of jobs nationwide.
It has also been estimated that economic activity from development in this region could create an average of 54,700 jobs nationwide annually, as well as create $193 billion in public revenue and a cumulative payroll of $145 billion over a 50 year-period – including more than 30,000 jobs and over $97 billion in public revenue from the Beaufort alone.
Offshore energy development in the Beaufort Sea has the clear potential to help Alaska and the United States at large meet its energy demand, create jobs, grow the economy, and enhance our national security.
With a willing federal partner, Alaska and the nation now have a real opportunity to begin to realize these significant benefits. I therefore strongly urge BOEM to promptly approve this exploration plan.