Mom and daughter grocery shopping

A small group of activists are trying to shut down the delivery of safe and reliable energy that is needed by families and small business across our community to allow us to heat our homes, fuels our cars, carry food and merchandise, and produce our crops.

By attempting to shut down this pipeline, these groups threaten the economic health of our community and add an incredible $121 million dollars per year in extra energy costs to families and businesses across Michigan.


It’s critical to take-action now and speak up in support of the safe and reliable delivery of the energy we need to power all aspects of our daily lives.

We need pipelines to deliver energy safely, to ensure the health of our communities and our environment while also providing price relief to people and families on tight budgets in communities across our state.

Standing in quiet support won’t work – our families cannot afford policies that harm our middle class!

Speak out! Tell our state leaders that Michigan needs Line 5 to maintain and build a stronger, healthier economy.

As a Michigan resident who supports protecting our Great Lakes and a rational energy policy, I want to express my strong support for Line 5.

Families, farmers, and small businesses across our state rely on the oil and propane that Line 5 has safely delivered for more than sixty years.  Line 5 is a well-maintained, critical piece of infrastructure.  Without it, energy costs will increase for our communities and threaten the growth of a stronger, healthier economy for our state.

Shutting down Line 5 will have costly implications on families like my own and residents across the state.  Without this pipeline, energy costs for families and businesses will increase by more than $121 million dollars every year.  This simply acts as a tax on every day hardworking citizens, taking money from the pocket books of families and seniors living on fixed incomes.  We should not allow energy prices to increase for our communities across the state for no reason.  We also should not ignore the potential impacts to the environment that could occur by transporting this same fuel by alternative, riskier means of transportation that Line 5 is already moving safely.

I encourage you to support Line 5 and other critical pipeline infrastructure that helps ensure our environment is protected and that families and businesses have access to affordable energy prices they depend on.