• Interior Secretary Zinke Signs Secretarial Orders at Offshore Technology Conference

    CEA’s David Holt discusses the Offshore Technology Conference and the impact Sec. Zinke’s order will have on energy consumers. By setting in motion the directives given by President Trump, Secretary Zinke is ensuring we don’t mix emotional rhetoric with crafting good policies that will benefit families and businesses across our country.  Read more – Daily […]

  • From Pipelines to Solar Panels: Energizing the States

    CEA’s David Holt discusses current trends in electricity markets. Two interesting energy trends concern the electricity markets. Electricity providers are relying more on natural gas to meet electricity needs for households and businesses. As we transition to more natural gas, we’ll need pipelines to deliver this fuel to markets. While most states are ramping up […]

  • Hundreds Gather to Share Opinions on the Keystone XL Pipeline With State Leaders

    CEA’s Michael Whatley discussed the Keystone XL Pipeline and the impact of the pipeline in the context of job creation. It will create 55,000 jobs here in Nebraska, and have a 1.8 billion dollar economic benefit for the state. And it will be, according to the Obama administration, environmental review to this, the safest pipeline […]

  • CEA Issues Statement on Signing of Pro-Solar Legislation by Governor Holcomb

    COLUMBUS — Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) Midwest Executive Director Chris Ventura today issued the following statement following Governor Holcomb’s decision to sign Senate Bill 309, which adopts pro-solar policies while bringing equity and market sensibility to the way Hoosiers’ generate their own power through remarkable renewable energy technologies. “We applaud Governor Holcomb’s decision to sign […]

  • Zinke Orders Revamp of 2017-2022 OCS Oil, NatGas Leasing, Appoints Energy Counselor

    CEA recently hosted Sec. Zinke at the Offshore Technology Conference to further the discussion on how energy consumers are impacted by offshore energy exploration. Borrowing staging frequently used by President Trump, Zinke signed two secretarial orders on a stage at the OTC, flanked by a couple dozen men and women wearing white hard hats and […]

  • Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Talks with CEA About America’s Offshore Potential at Houston’s Offshore Technology Conference, Signs Secretarial Orders

    Houston – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) President David Holt today hosted U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Ryan Zinke at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) to discuss the importance of America’s offshore energy potential and sign several secretarial orders to implement directives laid out by President Trump in last week’s offshore executive action. Following […]

  • Interior Secretary Starts Process for Offshore Drilling Expansion Plan

    Consumer Energy Alliance recently hosted Sec. Ryan Zinke at the Offshore Technology Conference where he discussed the importance of American offshore energy exploration. “You should be excited,” Zinke told the attendees at an event hosted by the industry-based Consumer Energy Alliance during the Offshore Technology Conference. “The United States has the most stringent, toughest, best […]

  • CEA’s David Holt discussed the importance of unlocking America’s domestic energy resources to help alleviate families burdened by higher energy costs. “By considering new opportunities to develop America’s abundant offshore energy resources, today’s action will help cement American energy security for decades to come. This will also drive economic growth and job opportunities in communities […]

  • Offshore Energy Announcement A Win for America

    CEA’s David Holt discussed the importance of the price of energy prices for families trying to make ends meet and how recent changes in governmental policies may help reduce that burden. In an increasingly digitalized world, energy is more important – and complicated – than ever, both in terms of finances and security. It directly impacts […]