CEA Alaska advocates for in-state energy production for the benefit of all fifty states.

CEA-Florida raises awareness about the importance of a diverse energy portfolio for the Sunshine State.

CEA Mid-Atlantic brings together consumers, businesses, unions, and policy makers to improve the dialogue on energy.

CEA Mid-Continent is working to reinvigorate consumer pride in homegrown energy sources from wind to oil.

CEA Midwest works to gives a greater voice to our nation’s manufacturing backbone.

CEA Northeast is dedicated to expanding the diversity of New England’s energy supplies and infrastructure development.

CEA Rockies works to ensure a balanced energy portfolio that benefits consumers across the Rocky Mountain region.

CEA Southeast is working towards ensuring affordability and reliability of electricity due to dramatic changes occurring in generation and transmission.


Latest Regional News

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Gooch Made Concessions to Solar Advocates to Move Net Metering Bill

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Offshore Drilling Good for Georgians

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