The following op-ed from David Holt, President of Consumer Energy Alliance, appeared on the National Journal website here, in response to the discussion question “Does mineral policy law need reform?”

September 15, 2009   This bill as proposed will add a great deal of regulatory burden and costs on the energy industry. At a time in our country when we need access to all energy resources readily available, and when we need to pay special attention to the economic hardships that consumers are currently experiencing, this is the wrong approach.

The U.S. House Natural Resources Panel recently met to discuss pending bipartisan legislation that aims to increase domestic offshore energy exploration and production. Their approach – one that eases decades old restrictions on American energy production — is the right approach. Their approach takes into consideration the current economic climate in which we are operating, while also helping to pave the way for an economic rebound.

Legislation that includes provisions for accessing domestic offshore energy sources, without overly burdening the industry, translates into legislation could help create millions of jobs, billions in local revenue and pave the way for long-term energy affordability.