HOUSTON October 28, 2009   Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) announced its support for a comprehensive set of policy initiatives proposed by the nuclear energy industry that aim to ensure the necessary expansion of nuclear energy and provide affordable energy to consumers.

In particular, CEA actively supports policies important to the nuclear energy industry, especially as they relate to financing support and efficient licensing for new nuclear facilities.

“CEA remains committed to advancing nuclear energy and other clean energy technologies that help to create thousands of new jobs and provide substantial benefits to consumers, the economy and the environment, while strengthening national energy security,” said CEA President David Holt.

“As the legislative debate over energy policy moves forward, ensuring a balanced, thoughtful approach – both now and into the future – is vitally important. Nuclear, as well as, oil, natural gas, wind, solar, hydro, and biomass must all play a role in meeting our energy needs,” said Holt.