Consumer group calls the airline agreement “Groundbreaking”

HOUSTON – December 16, 2009   Yesterday, the Air Transport Association of America, Inc. (ATA) – a key Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) affiliate – announced a landmark industry agreement designed to promote and increase the use of alternative aviation fuel supplies. The memoranda of understanding (MOU), signed by 15 airlines from the United States, Canada, Germany and Mexico, aims to increase supplies for air travel and transportation from Seattle-based AltAir Fuels LLC and Los Angeles-based Rentech, Inc.

David Holt, president of CEA, issued this statement in support of this forward-looking agreement:

“Increasing the use of and access to alternative and renewable energy resources is critical to both long-term U.S. energy security and stable prices for American consumers. This groundbreaking agreement facilitated by ATA is symbolic of the airline industry’s deep commitment to furthering key national objectives related to both our economy and our environment. At the same time, it also demonstrates that enormous technological steps continue to be made to diversify our country’s energy portfolio. More energy, of all forms, is instrumental to reducing fuel-price volatility and to strengthening our economy. ATA, its members, and those who have worked hard to forge this commonsense pact should be commended for their efforts.”

In yesterday’s public statement, ATA’s board chairman and UAL Corporation and United Airlines chairman, president and CEO said:

“Today’s announcement reinforces the proactive steps that airlines are taking to stimulate competition in the aviation fuel supply chain, contribute to the creation of green jobs, and promote energy security through economically viable alternatives that also demonstrate environmental benefits. Our intention as an airline industry is to continue to do our part by supporting the use of alternative fuels. We urge the U.S. government and the investment community also to do their part to further support this critical energy opportunity.”