HOUSTON – January 6, 2010   Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) announced its support for the development of the Cape Wind project in Nantucket Sound today as the Interior Department carries out its final review of the plan.

David Holt, president of CEA, issued this statement regarding the project:

“CEA believes that wind farms and other offshore renewable energy projects will become an important part of implementing a balanced energy policy that will support the economy and increase energy efficiency.

Developing offshore wind farms will provide clean, safe and more affordable energy for consumers and is a necessary step toward securing our nation’s energy future. Moreover, development of the Cape Wind Energy Project will add hundreds of jobs to the region of southeast New England and provide a foundation for the region to become a national and global leader in the field of offshore wind power.

The Cape Wind project has been under consideration for quite some time, and CEA hopes that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will recognize the need for further investment in offshore renewable energy projects and point our nation in the right direction by allowing this project to move forward without any additional delays.”