HOUSTON – March 16, 2010   Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) Public Affairs Director James Burke recently assumed position of chair and administrator of the Houston Renewable Energy Network (HREN), replacing HREN co-founder and chair Ravi Sankaran.

“I am very excited to become a part of HREN while representing Consumer Energy Alliance. HREN has done a fantastic job of providing a Houston-based forum to discuss the importance of renewable energy and emerging technologies in providing clean, safe and more affordable energy. CEA has long believed that renewable energy is a vital component of balanced energy policy and will help create thousands of new jobs and provide substantial benefits to consumers, the economy and the environment, while strengthening national energy security,” said Burke.

As chair and administrator, Burke will be responsible for HREN outreach activities, website administration and membership development.

“While I regret that I will no longer be involved in HREN matters, I have confidence in James and the CEA team to carry the ball forward, along with the continued support of firms like Baker Botts and Horizon Wind Energy.” said Sankaran, who recently left his position with Shell Wind Energy in Houston to join the solar development team of Axio Power in San Juan Capistrano, California.

HREN was founded in 2005 by Sankaran and then Horizon Wind Energy Chief Development Officer Michael Skelly, who is now founder and President of Clean Line Energy Partners.  HREN’s mission is to promote awareness and education of renewable energy technologies and markets among energy professionals in the Houston area.  The organization also serves as a networking conduit for people with commercial and career interests in the renewable energy industry.

For more information on HREN, visit www.houstonrenewables.org.