Consumer Energy Alliance aims to expand dialogue to promote thoughtful utilization of energy resources.

March 26, 2010   Caterpillar Global Petroleum Group has announced its alliance with the Consumer Energy Alliance – a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that supports the thoughtful utilization of energy resources to help ensure improved domestic and global energy security and stable prices for consumers. This group, supported by more than 135 affiliated organizations and tens of thousands of grassroots supporters educates consumers regarding enhanced energy utilization and efficiency, as well as providing a voice for near-term and long-term public policy solutions.

Since the 1930s, Caterpillar has manufactured engines for the oilfield and today provides premier power solutions in diesel and gas generator sets. As a champion for sustainable development globally, Caterpillar has long been committed to technologies and organizations that promote progress without sacrificing the protection of the environment. Aligning with Consumer Energy Alliance more closely ties Caterpillar with similarly minded organizations to promote fair policies and clear communication with consumers.

According to its mission, the Consumer Energy Alliance is looking to align with organizations and corporations to expand the dialogue between the energy and consuming sectors to improve overall understanding of energy security. The Global Petroleum group currently manufactures the most comprehensive product line in the oil and gas industry, ensuring the safe and reliable creation of energy for millions around the globe. By serving the entire oil and gas industry – drilling, gas compression, production and well servicing – Caterpillar Global Petroleum is committed to not only a durable product to customers, but also working with industry leaders to ensure energy resources are available for years to come.

About Caterpillar Global Petroleum
Caterpillar Global Petroleum, with headquarters in Houston, Texas, United States, groups all the sales and service activities for Cat petroleum engines within Caterpillar Inc. Since the 1930s, Caterpillar has manufactured engines for the oilfield and today provides premier power solutions with outputs from 41.6 to 8,180 bhp in main engine and 190 to 10,475 ekW in diesel and gas generator sets. The sales and service network includes more than 2,100 dealer locations world-wide dedicated to support customers in the drilling, production, well service and gas compression segments wherever they are.
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