HOUSTON — June 9, 2010 Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) President David Holt issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s announcement by the U.S. Department of the Interior regarding the creation of the Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy Office and Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Consortium:

“The formation of the Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Consortium and Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy Office, as agreed upon by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the governors of 10 East Coast states, is an important step forward in achieving a balanced energy policy for America.

“Consumer Energy Alliance commends Secretary Ken Salazar for his implementation of these initiatives, which will play a vital role in developing energy resources along the Atlantic coast of the United States and expanding the nation’s renewable energy portfolio. New domestic offshore energy projects can lead to more jobs, improved energy diversity, increased national security and a better future for all Americans.

“The Consortium – which includes CEA’s Southeast Chapter States of Virginia and North Carolina — will empower the states of the Atlantic Coast to voice opinions, discuss regional goals and reach consensus on wind energy projects that will benefit not only their home states, but the entire country. Likewise, the Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy Office, to be headquartered in Virginia, will fulfill an important need in developing American resources in its essential role of coordinating and expediting development of renewable energy projects, including wind and solar.”