CEA President: Supply Star Act of 2010 Represents the Power of Working Together to Achieve a Responsible & Balanced Energy Future for America

HOUSTON — June 2, 2010   Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) President David Holt issued the following statement regarding the Supply Star Act of 2010, a bipartisan bill recently introduced in the United States Senate which is designed to drive energy efficiency improvements in the supply chain of all businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones.

“Consumer Energy Alliance strongly supports the Supply Star Act of 2010, which represents the power of working together to achieve a responsible and balanced energy future for America with a focus on energy efficiency and conservation.

“All companies can benefit from thoughtfully assessing their energy use and working toward increased energy efficiency and conservation practices as they conduct daily business activities. Both large and small companies working together can make an enormous difference in using America’s energy resources effectively and appropriately while eliminating unnecessary waste.

“In building upon the base established by the Department of Energy’s Energy Star program, the Supply Star Act of 2010 will set forth best practices for American industry to maximize supply chain efficiency – including a range of concerns from manufacturing and transport to materials and packaging – as well as establish research communities to provide needed resources in this field to businesses throughout the nation.

“While energy efficient practices promote thoughtful use of America’s energy resources, the use of such practices is also great news for American consumers because using energy wisely often results in lower costs. In the past, the implementation of energy efficient practices has often been limited to larger businesses, while smaller companies and organizations have lacked the research and resources necessary to establish and take action on such policies. The Supply Star Act of 2010 is poised to change that and provide the necessary resources to all American businesses, regardless of size.

“Consumer Energy Alliance strongly supports initiatives, such as the Supply Star Act of 2010, which thoughtfully and responsibly utilize all American energy resources, while maintaining energy efficiency and conservation standards. These types of programs represent a major step forward in achieving a balanced energy policy for America, that encompasses all energy resources, including both alternative sources, such as wind, water and solar, as well as traditional, such as oil and natural gas.”