HOUSTON – June 22, 2010 David Holt, president of Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), issued this statement regarding U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman’s ruling today in New Orleans, which overturned President Obama’s six-month moratorium on domestic offshore oil and natural gas development:

“Tens of thousands of Americans in the Gulf Coast and throughout the nation who help deliver, use or rely upon homegrown oil and natural gas received some encouraging news today. Judge Feldman’s commonsense ruling underscores the arbitrary nature in which President Obama put this short-sighted moratorium in place.

“Unfortunately, the Administration has already indicated that it will work to reinstate its job-killing offshore moratorium. Further, despite the court’s ruling, the Administration could delay issuing permits or implement other mechanisms to keep the drilling delay in place.

“Consumers, families, truckers, seniors and small businesses nationwide recognize that expanding the production of all forms of energy here at home – oil, natural gas, wind, solar, coal, nuclear – and advancing commonsense conversation measures that allows us to use our energy more wisely, are essential components of our long-term energy future.

“However, taking our conventional energy resources off the table before alternative energy sources are ready for prime time will have significant negative impacts on our economy. In order to spur job creation and economic growth and compete with the global economy, we must immediately allow development of our offshore resources in the Gulf and in Alaska.”