Did you know that a leaky faucet in your home can cause your water bill to increase significantly? Even a slow drip can cost you a hefty chunk of change! Make sure to fix any drips to reduce your water bills as well as be a good steward of this important resource.

To find out just how much that drippy faucet is costing you, check out the WaterWiser Drip Calculator. This cool tool will let you know how many gallons of water that drip-drip-drip is wasting on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. For instance, if a faucet leaks just 3 drips per minute, that wastes nearly 13 gallons a month – which amounts to more than 157 gallons annually!

To learn more about how to conserve water, visit www.drinktap.org, a consumer-geared website of the American Water Works Association.