HOUSTON — Today, Consumer Energy Alliance and the Illinois Chamber of Commerce’s Energy Council announce their official affiliation in the form of reciprocal membership. The Illinois Chamber becomes the 153rd affiliate member of CEA, and the third state Chamber of Commerce to join the Alliance in addition to the United States Chamber of Commerce.

The Illinois Chamber is the state’s oldest, largest broad-based business advocacy group seeking to bring together members from every part of the state, in every type of business or industry. The mission of the Chamber is to exist as a pro-business advocacy membership organization.

“As economic trends for the country continue to become more and more dependent upon the energy sector, this affiliation marks another key strategic relationship in promoting a balanced energy policy for America that creates domestic jobs and boosts state fiscal health,” said CEA President David Holt. “The Illinois Chamber of Commerce places a significant emphasis on energy issues within the state and across the nation, and CEA is proud to welcome the Chamber as our newest member.”

The Chamber’s Energy Council advocates for energy policies in Illinois that will make the state a place where energy development of all kinds can flourish in a competitive marketplace.  The Energy Council is made up of companies that generate, transmit or transport energy, or supply energy companies.

“We are excited to have this new relationship with the Consumer Energy Alliance,” said Tom Wolf, executive director of the Chamber’s Energy Council.  “We look forward to working together to find the best technical, environmental and economic ‘sweet spot’ for our nation’s energy future.”

For more information on Consumer Energy Alliance, visit www.consumerenergyalliance.org.