CEA: President Addresses Energy Problem, But More Access to Domestic Energy Resources Needed
Alliance Continues to Urge for Expanded American Energy Production to Relieve Escalating Energy Prices

WASHINGTON – Following President Barack Obama’s press conference today on energy prices and oil supply disruptions, representatives from the Consumer Energy Alliance released the following statements in response to the President’s call for a comprehensive energy policy in 2011:

From CEA President David Holt:

“President Obama’s call today for increased production and the need for a comprehensive U.S. energy plan is a step in the right direction toward developing a robust, balanced domestic energy supply. As a nation, we must look at the vast array of abundant domestic resources currently available to the nation as well as ways to begin development of alternative energy sources. And until we change our nation’s lack of an energy policy, geopolitical forces, such as the Middle East turmoil and oil supply disruptions, will continue to hold Americans hostage to the whims of volatile global events, driving up domestic energy prices and hurting our overall economy.

“While President Obama announced that he is willing to consider opening up the Statregic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) in the near future to relieve pressure on the oil markets, we believe that this action will not provide real, sustained relief for consumers.  Instead, the nation would be better served by fixing our underlying supply-demand and energy security problems by ending the ongoing Administration delays in issuing oil and gas permits and immediately allowing access to domestic energy reserves in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, the Southeast and onshore, as well as increasing secure imports from our friends in Canada by expanding pipeline capacity to Houston through the Keystone XL pipeline.”

From CEA Chairman of the Board and vice president & regulatory affairs counsel for the American Trucking Associations Rich Moskowitz:

“With the surge in oil, gasoline and diesel prices that American drivers are coping with these days, it’s clear that our leaders need to take action. With domestic offshore oil production expected to decline by over 10 percent in 2011, this Administration must change course and begin issuing drilling permits and opening up our onshore and offshore lands to exploration and thoughtful development. Our nation’s security and economic well-being depend upon our access to energy as does our ability to compete globally, create jobs and ensure robust economic growth.”