CEA Praises Regulatory Reform Decision by White House
Streamlining Regulations from EPA, Interior Will Help Consumers

HOUSTON – With energy prices rising and consumers suffering the worst impacts, the White House announced today that it would begin reviewing several key regulations that are needlessly raising costs for consumers and businesses alike, including outdated and redundant requirements by the Environmental Protection Agency and in the Endangered Species Act.

David Holt, President of the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), praised the announcement and released the following statement:

“Unnecessary regulations that prevent the responsible development of American energy negatively impact the entire economy, especially the consumers. For that reason, today’s announcement by the White House about easing this regulatory burden is welcome news. The plan to eliminate EPA’s costly and unnecessary requirements for local gas stations will help motorists who are already experiencing pain at the pump with near $4 per gallon gasoline. Additionally, streamlining outdated reporting requirements under the Endangered Species Act will help expedite responsible energy development, especially offshore where the work slow-down in the Gulf and regulatory uncertainty in Alaska has impacted the economy of the entire nation.

“This is a positive first step toward the creation of a balanced American energy policy that increases domestic supplies in order to promote greater energy security and lower prices for consumers. We hope today’s decision on reducing costly regulation is only the beginning of a series of actions designed to turn back on the American energy industry and get the country back to work.”