Administration Announces New Partnership for Advanced Technology Biofuels for Aviation and Marine Use
CEA praises effort to encourage advanced technology fuels to help meet an ‘all of the above’ energy solution

WASHINGTON, DC Consumer Energy Alliance applauded the Administration’s creation of a joint venture between the US Departments of Agriculture, Energy, and Navy and the private sector to invest of up to $510 million over the next three years to produce advanced technology aviation and marine biofuels to help power military and commercial transportation.

The announcement comes as part of President Obama’s Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future, which is his administration’s plan for reducing dependence on foreign oil.  The biofuels initiative is being steered by the White House Biofuels Interagency Work Group and Rural Council.

In response to the announcement, CEA president David Holt released the following statement:

“We applaud today’s announcement regarding the formation of a public-private partnership to develop advanced technology alternative aviation and marine fuels. Advanced biofuels need to be a significant part of any “all of the above” solution to our nation’s energy policy. Increased use of advanced biofuels in the aviation and marine sectors not only will help in the battle for energy independence but has the potential to create real jobs in an economy that sorely needs them.”

CEA Vice Chairman of the Board, and Vice President of the Air Transport Association of America John Heimlich added, “this announcement is an important step to helping to diversify our energy portfolio over the long-term.  The aviation industry as well as consumers everywhere could ultimately benefit from this initiative through reduced energy costs and volatility as well as improved US energy security.”