Consumer Energy Alliance Announces New Officers for 2012
Board Elects John Heimlich, Airlines for America, as Chairman

HOUSTON – The Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) Board of Directors has elected a slate of new officers for 2012 with John Heimlich, Vice President and Chief Economist for Airlines for America,™ leading the organization as Chairman and Jennifer Diggins, Director of Public Affairs for the Nucor Corporation, as Vice Chairwoman.  Mark Pulliam, a Solution Partner with Sabre Airline Solutions, will continue to serve on the Board as Treasurer.

“CEA and the Board of Directors are all very pleased to have such a distinguished and enthusiastic group of officers for 2012,” said CEA President David Holt. “As CEA confronts a host of challenges facing energy consumers, we will need the dedication and expertise that Mr. Heimlich, Ms. Diggins and Mr. Pulliam demonstrate to lead our organization and further the goal of a balanced energy policy for America.”

Mr. Heimlich added, “America’s airlines depend on secure, affordable supplies of energy to fuel our business and grow the broader economy. To remain competitive and serve our customers, the airline industry must have access to stable energy sources now while we continue to explore opportunities for future alternative fuels. Consumer Energy Alliance plays a pivotal role in advocating for energy consumers, and I look forward to helping CEA promote a thoughtful, balanced ‘all-of-the-above’ energy policy.”

“Energy is the lifeblood of the steel industry.  In an ever-increasing global marketplace, the price of energy is key in determining the competitiveness of manufacturing both at home and abroad.  We are committed to the CEA mission of accessing our natural resources and supporting an energy policy that does not pick winners and losers,” said Ms. Diggins.

Mr. Heimlich, who has served as an advisor and director to CEA since 2009, has extensive experience in the airline industry, having joined Airlines for America in April 2001 after five years at United Airlines.  Throughout his tenure at these organizations, Mr. Heimlich has received several accolades for his expertise in energy and aviation including being named one of the top 50 persons in bioenergy in 2011. Ms. Diggins, who has also been active with CEA as an advisor and director since 2009, joined the Nucor Corporation in 2011 and gained previous experience in the steel industry as Vice President of Government Relations at the American Iron and Steel Institute.

In addition to these officers, the Board of Directors includes: Dave Blackmon (El Paso Corporation); Troy Bredenkamp (Colorado Farm Bureau); Dave Harbour (former Commissioner, Alaska Regulatory Commission);  Richard Moskowitz (National Petrochemical and Refiners Association); and Wayne Zemke (Caterpillar, Incorporated).  David Holt, President of CEA, serves on the Board in an ex officio capacity.