Consumer Energy Alliance Supports House Resources Committee Legislation Promoting Domestic Energy Development
Legislation Provides a Good First-Step in an “All of the Above” Energy Strategy

HOUSTON, TX: Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) today announced its support for the House Natural Resources Committee’s consideration and approval of key energy legislation.

The House Natural Resources Committee will mark up three pieces of legislation which will drastically increase access to domestic energy resources.  The three bills, H.R. 3407, H.R. 3408, and H.R. 3410, will direct the development of an oil and gas leasing program for the coastal plain of Alaska, set clear rules for the development of oil shale resources, and direct the lease sales of additional offshore oil and gas resources on the outer continental shelf and off the coast of Virginia.

CEA President, David Holt, released the following statement:

“Consumer Energy Alliance strongly supports these three critical pieces of legislation.  We congratulate Chairman Hastings and all the Members of the Natural Resources Committee for their consistent commitment to responsible use and development of our nation’s abundant energy resources.”

“CEA supports the development of all energy sources, both traditional and alternative, and these bills will help accomplish our goals of energy security, fuel diversity, and greater affordability.  With nearly 25 million Americans out of work, expanded American energy production will also create jobs and provide the stable and abundant energy supplies needed to spur our continued economic recovery.”

“During this year’s State of the Union address, President Obama expressed his support for continued and expanded development of domestic energy resources.  These bills will help accomplish those goals and help reduce the reliance on foreign sources of energy.  We support the approval of these bills by the House Resources Committee, and look forward to their enactment.”