Consumer Energy Alliance Welcomes Great Plains- The Camelina Company

HOUSTON, TXConsumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome Great Plains- The Camelina Company as its newest affiliate member.

Great Plains – The Camelina Company is the world’s largest producer of camelina oil, a proven alternative to petroleum crude oil, in demand by biofuel refiners worldwide.  The Company pioneered the manufacturing, marketing and production of fuel from camelina and is the leader in its science, agronomy and production, with market-leading intellectual property and a 14-year history with camelina R&D.  Over the last few years, the company has demonstrated its ability to produce at commercial scale, and has recently completed the largest camelina oil delivery in history at nearly one million gallons.  The company delivered this amount of fuel at competitive pricing and anticipates the ability to deliver renewable crude at petroleum equivalent pricing at scale production within three years.

Sam P. Huttenbauer, Chief Executive Officer of Great Plains- The Camelina Company, offered the following statement upon joining CEA:

“We were delighted to see this past fall bring the first commercial airline flights powered by camelina, a renewable alternative to crude petroleum which our company has been developing for the last 14 years.  Airlines need a fuel option which both helps them to level out commodity fuel spikes while addressing their goals to reduce their carbon emissions.  Camelina has been proven to be a reliable drop-in alternative to crude petroleum for use in aviation fuel, and with a greatly improved CO2 footprint and slightly improved performance over petroleum, provides a perfect US derived energy source to compliment domestic fuel supplies, both for our military’s and commercial career’s needs.  Our Country requires a balanced energy policy that both takes advantage of the natural resources we have as well as promotes renewable ones which are quickly being developed and Great Plains looks forward to being able to join in these important energy conversations via the Consumer Energy Alliance.”

Ryan Scott, CEA Midwest Executive Director, offered the following statement welcoming the company:

“Consumer Energy Alliance is very pleased to welcome Great Plains – The Camelina Company as a partner in the discussion on rational energy policy. The primary function of CEA is to unite energy consumers and producers in order to develop and implement a balanced, national energy policy that supports domestic energy production.  By providing a clean and commercially viable alternative fuel, Great Plains – The Camelina Company has shown its products are a vital part of any all of the above energy policy in this country.  We look forward to working closely with them to address the key energy and environmental issues facing both Great Plains – The Camelina Company and the nation as a whole.”