Consumer Energy Alliance Welcomes Newest Affiliate Member, Chemistry Industry Council of Illinois


HOUSTON, TX: Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome the Chemistry Industry Council of Illinois (CICI) as its newest affiliate member.

The Chemical Industry Council of Illinois (CICI) is a state-wide business trade association which represents the interests of the chemical industry in the state of Illinois. CICI was first founded in 1951 as the Drug and Chemical Industries Activities Committee (DACIAC) formed by 16 companies with the main objective to promote excellence in education. Today, CICI represents 115 companies engaged in the manufacture, blending, distribution and sale of beneficial chemicals. CICI’s primary role has also changed to focus on representing the industry on legislative and regulatory issues in Illinois.

“CICI is proud to announce its new partnership with CEA,” said CICI Executive Director Mark Biel. “We look forward to working with CEA in order to give the chemicals sector a stronger voice in the discussion of rational energy policy. Natural gas and electricity are the lifeblood of the state’s chemical industry. CEA will help Illinois capitalize on the development of its energy resources as it relates to the chemicals industry and a supportive policy environment. In so doing, CICI can play a large part in helping Illinois to realize its full economic potential.

“Consumer Energy Alliance is excited to have CICI as a partner in the discussion on a balanced energy policy,” said CEA Midwest Director Ryan Scott. “The fundamental function of CEA is to provide energy consumers and producers with a forum to discuss the development and implementation of a national energy policy that supports affordable energy. With the specter of high rising energy costs, CEA looks forward to working closely with CICI to address the key energy issues facing Illinois as well as the nation as a whole.”

In 2011, Illinois’ chemical industry produced over $36 billion worth of chemical products annually making it Illinois’ third largest manufacturing sector. Additionally, the state’s chemical industry exported $8.5 billion worth of products, making it the second largest exporting sector in Illinois. CICI members employ over 45,000 people at an average annual wage of $80, 748.